New Tulum Airport: Location, Connectivity, and Growth

Tulum, the gem of the Riviera Maya, is gearing up for an exciting change: the upcoming inauguration of the Tulum International Airport. This project is designed to alleviate the congestion at the Cancun International Airport while utilizing the existing network of Mayan Train, stands as a beacon of new opportunities. In this article, we will explore key data about the New Tulum Airport, its location, connectivity, and how its arrival will revolutionize the landscape and growth of Tulum, paving the way towards a promising future.

A Strategic Relief: The New Tulum Airport

The Tulum International Airport has a clear objective: to alleviate the congestion of the Cancun International Airport. This strategic approach will enable the region to welcome more travelers while creating an infrastructure that connects key destinations in southern Mexico, all thanks to the power of Mayan Train.

Where will the New Tulum Airport be located?

The Tulum International Airport It will be strategically located about 25 kilometers southwest of downtown Tulum, around a 20-minute drive, and along the shores of the majestic Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve.

Ubicacion Nuevo Aeropuerto Tulum
Location of the New Tulum Airport

The strategic location of the Tulum airport means that visitors can significantly reduce their travel time instead of landing in Cancun to reach Tulum and its white sand beaches. Less time in transit equals more time to enjoy the destination.

Features of the Future Tulum Airport: Runways and Positions

This airport spares no expenses in its features. With a runway of 3,700 meters in length and Category I control systems, it's equipped to accommodate aircraft of all types. Additionally, the airport will have 13 positions for commercial planes, ensuring a seamless experience for travelers.

The Tulum International Airport it caters to the needs of all travelers. With two positions specially designated for executive and general aviation, it provides comfort and efficiency for both business visitors and those seeking an exclusive travel experience.

Connectivity of Tulum Airport: Maya Train Station 

Aeropuerto tulum estacion del tren maya mexico
Connectivity of Tulum Airport: Maya Train Station

The strategic location of the airport makes it a convenient point of entry and departure. Additionally, the Airport will be interconnected with the infrastructure of the Mayan Train with its own station, ensuring unparalleled mobility throughout the region, opening doors to explorations beyond Tulum and creating opportunities for tourism and investment.

For more details, please refer to our article about the Maya Train, Route, Sections, and Destinations

Avances y fechas de inauguración del Aeropuerto de Tulum

The Tulum International Airport It's not just a vision, but a developing reality. With an approximate progress of 50%, the airport is on track to meet its inauguration goal before the end of 2023. This achievement will not only transform the travelers' experience but also elevate Tulum's position on the global tourism map.

Progress of the New Tulum Airport
Progress of the New Tulum Airport

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A Project that Will Transform Tulum and Its Growth 

The Tulum International Airport represents a key milestone in Tulum's journey towards a bright future. This project will not only alleviate saturation in Cancun but also open the doors to a steady flow of economic and investment opportunities for entrepreneurs, investors, and travelers looking to be part of this exciting transformation. With its connectivity to the Mayan Train and its cutting-edge infrastructure, this airport will mark the evolution of the Tulum destination towards an even more vibrant tourist and commercial hub.

Don't let the future fly by. Explore investment possibilities and be a part of the transformation that awaits Tulum.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When is the opening of Tulum International Airport expected? The airport is expected to open its doors in December 2023, with a current progress of approximately 50%.
  2. What connections will the airport offer? The airport will be connected to the federal highway Cancun - Chetumal and will be part of the network of the Mayan Train, with its own station facilitating mobility within and outside of Tulum.
  3. How will the airport impact the congestion at Cancun Airport? The new airport aims to alleviate the congestion at Cancun Airport, allowing for a more equitable distribution of travelers.
  4. What benefits will the New Tulum International Airport offer to travelers? The Tulum International Airport will improve travel times for tourists who wish to visit Tulum without going through the current Cancun International Airport, saving them the additional ground journey of approximately 120 kilometers, which takes around an hour and a half.
  5. How is the airport expected to boost Tulum's economy? It will increase Tulum's visibility as a tourist destination by enhancing connectivity and facilitating the arrival of visitors from around the world. This will generate economic and investment opportunities in Tulum, strengthening the local economy and creating jobs.
  6. What investment opportunities does the opening of Tulum Airport imply? The opening of the airport will increase the demand for properties in Tulum, presenting investment opportunities in the real estate sector.

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