Airlines Confirm Start Date of Operations at the New Tulum International Airport

The idyllic destination of Tulum, famous for its crystal-clear beaches and impressive Mayan ruins, is poised to receive a boost in its connectivity with the imminent start of operations at the New Tulum International Airport. This exciting news marks a milestone in the region's tourism development, and two of Mexico's leading airlines, Viva Aerobús and AeroMéxico, have already announced their plans to include routes to this destination starting from December 1st.

Viva Aerobús and AeroMéxico: New Routes to Tulum from December 1st

Viva Aerobús and AeroMéxico, two of Mexico's most renowned airlines, have taken a step forward by confirming the inclusion of routes to Tulum in their flight networks. From December 1st, travelers can enjoy the comfort and convenience of flying directly to this popular destination. This decision will not only benefit travelers looking to explore Tulum's natural and cultural beauties but will also boost local tourism and the economy.

Destino Tulum Viva aerobus
New Destination by Viva Aerobús: Tulum
Aeromexico volara al aeropuerto internacional de Tulum
Aeromexico will fly to Tulum International Airport

Tulum Secondary Base of Mexicana de Aviación: Strengthening Air Connectivity

In an exciting announcement made during the morning press conference, Luis Cresencio Sandoval, Secretary of National Defense (Sedena), shared the news about the Tulum

The Secondary Base of Mexicana de Aviación in Tulum aims to strengthen air connectivity in the region, allowing more people to access the wonders of Tulum and its surroundings. This strategic decision will not only expand travel options but also generate economic opportunities for the local community by promoting tourism and trade.

Tulum, a Destination on the Verge of Transformation

The confirmation of the New Tulum International Airport as a destination and operations center for multiple airlines is excellent news for travel and exploration enthusiasts. With the inclusion of routes by Viva Aerobús and AeroMéxico, as well as the exciting initiative of the Mexicana de Aviación Secondary Base in Tulum, the future of air connectivity in the region looks promising. This new chapter in Tulum's history will undoubtedly attract more visitors eager to discover the wonders this destination has to offer. Get ready to take off on new adventures in Tulum!

For more information, read our article about Tulum Airport, its location, and connectivity. Aeropuerto de Tulum, su ubicación y conectividad.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When will the New Tulum International Airport be operational? While it is currently under construction, the start of operations at the New Tulum International Airport is expected in December of late 2023. Stay tuned for official announcements to know the exact opening date.

2. Which airlines have confirmed routes to Tulum? So far, Viva Aerobús and AeroMéxico have announced their plans to operate routes to Tulum starting from December 1st. These airlines will offer flight options for travelers interested in exploring this destination. Additionally, Mexicana de Aviación will have Tulum as a secondary base.

3. Why will Tulum be the Secondary Base of Mexicana de Aviación? The location of the Mexicana de Aviación Secondary Base in Tulum is part of the strategy of the new airline backed by the Mexican State, following the acquisition of the brand. This operations center will strengthen air connectivity in the region and provide more travel options to and from Tulum. On a national level, it will enhance accessibility and offer competitive prices in the market.

4. What are the benefits of this air expansion for Tulum? The expansion of air operations in Tulum will bring several benefits. In addition to providing more flight options for travelers, it will stimulate tourism and the local economy by making the region more accessible and attractive to both national and international visitors.

5. How can I book flights to Tulum through Viva Aerobús and AeroMéxico? You can book flights to Tulum through the official websites of Viva Aerobús and AeroMéxico, as well as using online booking platforms and travel agencies.

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