Capital gain, Why invest in the Riviera Maya?

What is the capital gain? : 

La plusvalía es el valor agregado que gana una propiedad con el paso del tiempo, incrementando su costo dcompra y de venta dentro del mercado. Se calcula en porcentaje anual.

Figures for the state of Quintana Roo

The Riviera Maya and mainly Tulum in recent years has had a very exponential economic growth due to the influx of tourism since the pandemic, being one of the only destinations open for vacation in the world at that time. Not to mention the incredible tourist attractions such as cenotes, turquoise beaches, etc. that people are discovering about this amazing country, Mexico. The demand for properties has not stopped increasing and therefore prices tend to go up more than anywhere else in Mexico. 

The national average in terms of capital gain is 7.90% in 2022 and Quintana Roo was the state with the highest percentage of capital gain with an average of 12.90%.

Capital gain factors: 

There are many factors that are involved in the price variation of a property. Among the main factors are location and conceptualization, that is to say, the fact of creating an innovative project that breaks standards and attracts attention will undoubtedly positively affect the price of these properties. It is important to analyze the area in which the property is located and see what commercial projects are going to be implemented such as shopping centers, restaurants, gyms, places for sports, cultural activities ? 

Advantage of buying in presale :

 Buying a property that is not yet built, i.e. a pre-sale, allows the buyer to enjoy a more affordable price than a ready-to-move-in property and is very common in the Riviera Maya. Entering at an early stage of a project allows the buyer to benefit from an increase in the value of the property during the construction and progress of the project, accompanied by the annual increase of the real estate market.

Capital gains tax : 

When you want to resell a property at a higher price than the purchase price, a considerable profit is generated and a tax is applied on the amount of capital gain, the tax is the ISR and corresponds to 35% of the income. However, there is the possibility of making deductions, for example if the property has been remodeled or an element such as a swimming pool, additional bedroom, etc. has been added, the amount of these changes, which participated in the increase in value of the property, can be deducted.

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